About John England

About John England

John England supplies worldwide mostly linen and linen blend fabrics for fashion, apparel, curtaining, upholstery, printing, table linen, handkerchiefs, table linen, bed linen, etc. (Click here for more uses)

The strength of the company is the ability to offer quickly from stock, quality linens to our customers at very competitive prices and reasonable minimum order levels. With a personal service.

We hold a stock of dyed fabrics in our more popular lines, and we have a weaving factory on our premises where we can weave special custom fabrics or unique Jacquard designs up to 3 metres in width. We can also dye to order, again with very reasonable minumum order levels (please click here for more info.). We have an in-house laundry and all our fabrics can be supplied pre-shrunk and softened (washed).

John England has been supplying innovative linens to fashion and interior designers for almost half a century, and now has a thriving theatricals department, offering costume designers affordable theatrical fabrics for movie, television and theatre productions.

All our designs woven on Jacquard looms are totally unique trend setting designs, and cannot be bought elsewhere. We do not stand still and constantly produce new creations often inspired by things we see in the world around us, and we find it is often very interesting for customers to hear the story behind each design.

The John England brand is synonymous throughout the world for superbly designed and crafted linens, that are effortlessly on-trend. As you'd expect, with such a long history and impeccable lineage in the industry we are proud members of both Masters of Linen and the Irish Linen Guild.

John England Theatrical Linens is a division of John England that focuses on selling fabrics to the theatre, film and TV industries (please click here for more info). John England has been the supplier of preference for costume and set design linens for a number of years. We specialize in the supply of linens to film productions.

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

Benjamin Franklin,

The John England story began in 1964 when a man called John England approached Harold Calvert, the owner of Blackers Mill, Portadown, with a view to setting up a joint venture business. At that time, John was working for the Mallusk Linen and Bleaching Company but had reached a point in his career and life that he wanted to be the master of his own destiny.

So, flying in the face of worried criticism from friends and family, but with Calvert's backing, John set up shop in a terraced house in Charles Street South, Belfast. The initial rent was only £2.15 per week and when he later purchased the property it set him back just £200.

John's reputation as an innovator and creative genius quickly grew, not just in Ireland and Great Britain, but further afield throughout Europe and the rest of the world. A regular at trade shows in France, Italy and America, John's uncanny knack of sourcing and designing unique textures and colours from the natural world around him meant that top fashion and interior design houses quickly favoured JE linens, a legacy that continues to this day.

Significant and continued business success meant that the company relocated from Charles Street South in 1988 to larger premises and then again in 1998 to a brand new premises overlooking the historic Titanic dock in Belfast.

Since November, 2012 the company has come under common ownership with Thomas Ferguson & Co Ltd , a well known Irish linen Jacquard weaver, and has relocated the 25 miles south to the Franklins Group weaving factory in Banbridge, Co Down.

Over the years John carefully built a knowledgeable and creative team around him and it is in their hands that he confidently leaves the running of the business today. With significant experience in the Irish linen industry, it is this small, fiercely loyal group who are today driving the company to even greater heights of innovation and customer care.

The John England legacy continues.

About John England "There is a growing appreciation of products which express individual cultures and heritages, and which mean more than simple materialism."