Specialist Services & Bespoke Orders


The traditions of Irish linen are kept alive and well at John England thanks to in-house weaving. This enables us to produce bespoke orders and short run linens created specifically to your design requirements.

We can also supply your own custom dyed colours for minimums of only 150 metres.

Call us to discuss your bespoke orders and limited edition designs.


Stiffened canvas Irish Linens remains a popular choice with many of John England’s niche clients. Uses include canvases for artists, cross-stitch and needle arts; luggage covering, book cloth, filtration, printing, framing and light aviation. As always, our design team is on-hand to discuss your specific requirements.


Over the years, John England has established an enviable reputation for pre-washed linen that is pre-shrunk and softened in a fully stock supported range. We also wash lengths of linen to specific customer requirements and we would be pleased to assist in the development of new washed finishes bespoke to your needs. We also offer other finishes that give a soft luxurious handle and our design team can discuss this in more detail with you.

Please note that whilst washing does add value and provide the user with a softer, pre-shrunk fabric it does also add considerable costs to a given length of fabric. As well as the actual costs of washing, drying and handling, there are the extra costs involved in the shrinkage of the fabric by up to 15%+. So to buy 100 metres of washed fabric you will have to pay for maybe 118 metres of unwashed fabric.

Please also note that to wash the fabric it has to be cut into 20-30 metres lengths. We will try to keep these cut lengths as long as possible.


We can offer this service to our interiors collection.

In the United Kingdom the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988 (as amended in 1989, 1993 and 2010) set levels of fire resistance for domestic upholstered furniture, furnishings and other products containing upholstery. These are UK law and are designed to ensure that upholstery components and composites used for furniture supplied in the UK meet specified ignition resistance levels and are suitable labelled. Curtain fabrics should also comply with the required fire safety regulations.

There are many companies (example) which can flameproof fabrics in cut lengths or rolls to meet the fire safety regulations. Upholstery companies, or companies which make-up finished goods for upholstery or curtain end-uses should be aware of these regulations.

John England fabrics are not supplied with these finishes as standard as we are often unaware of the end use. If in doubt please discuss with our sales team.


John England can supply fabrics for a range of end uses (click here for more on end uses). The majority of our fabrics are linen or linen blends.We are able to keep minimum orders sizes, for stock items, to 6 metre, and our minimum custom dye run of 150 metres. We can also supply larger orders up to thousands of metres.

Our minimum weaving order for specialist fabrics is 30 metres. However, on a one-off basis we will  weave down to 12 metres for a sample order.

Larger orders attract discounts, whilst smaller orders do attract premiums. As the transaction cost is spread across much fewer metres.