LONDON: Trade Preview of Sustainable & Responsibly Made Fabrics

You are invited to the 2020 London trade preview of our sustainable & responsibly made fabrics.

Plus – the launch of NEW Hempy range of fabrics

Enjoy a good old fashioned chinwag over a freshly brewed cuppa.

John England are contemporary, leading edge Irish linen fabric designers and weavers. As a result of keeping up-to-date John England (Banbridge) Ltd. have provided fine Irish Linens and linen blends to top fashion designers for nearly 60 years. As well as this the Company has its own in-house weaving, design, laundry and fabric experts. Consequently John England is a brand you can trust.

The John England brand dates back nearly 60 years, and it is synonymous throughout the world for superbly designed and crafted linens; that are spot on-trend. It’s not only the more established fashioned designers that use our services, but also some of the new up-and-coming designers. That may be the big names of the future.

Venue -The Studio

Invest N.I. Hub, 6th Floor, 10 Dominion Street, London EC2MEF

3 minutes walk from Moorgate

Wednesday 26th February 2020

10am – 5pm

If you wish to attend please register for the event here:…Trade Preview of Sustainable & Responsibly Made Fabrics