Custom Apparel Fabrics & Stock Linens

The World’s leading fashion houses regularly select John England custom apparel fabrics. The design team continues to innovate year upon year.  Working in closely with fashion buyers, John England designers predict and lead trends.

Due to the unique texture, finish, handle, weave and colour combinations the new ranges are much-anticipated each year. Much work goes their creation and predicting the next seasons colours. John England prefers to lead rather than be led.

John England apparel fabrics can be plain linens in varying weights, and a wide range of on-trend colours. There are also Jacquard woven, and textured fabrics. New to our range are innovative 3-dimensional fabrics and multi-layered fabrics, as well as extra wide fabrics up to 3 metres wide.

John England use only the finest European yarns in their unique apparel fabrics and can leverage the Irish Linen heritage with sewn-in labels of authenticity. The design team would welcome a call to discuss your individual requirements and thoughts.

John England also supplies special woven fabrics for costumes for the film, theatre, TV, and the opera industries.

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