Order Sizes & Fabric Uses

Order Sizes

John England can supply woven linens for a range of fabric uses. Most of our fabrics are linen or linen blends (with wool, cotton, nylon, polyester). John England is able to keep minimum orders sizes to 6 metres, for stock items. The minimum custom dye run to 150 metres. We can also supply larger orders up to thousands of metres.

Our minimum weaving order for specialist fabrics is 30 metres. However, on a one-off basis we will  weave down to 12 metres for a sample order.

With customer feedback John England can design and weave fabrics which are engineered for specific end uses.

However, please remember John England is a fabric weaver and must consider any order of a fabric under 250 metres length a small order, so if you want the best prices please try to keep orders above this threshold. Although we do understand customers sometimes only need short lengths of fabric, it is not a good idea for anyone to try to sell retail sized orders at wholesale prices.

Fabric Uses

John England is not usually aware of the wide and varied uses customers find for our fabrics. However, some examples of the more usual fabric uses are below:

  •    Fashion fabrics for top designers.
  •    Apparel linens  (plain fabrics ), Jacquard woven and damasks, 3D        fabrics, multi-layered fabrics, extra wide fabrics.
  •     Workwear
  •     Theatrical costumes (not supplied flame-proofed as standard)
  •     Upholstery (rub tested) (not supplied flame-proofed as standard)
  •     Curtains (not supplied flame-proofed as standard)
  •     Loose Covers (not supplied flame-proofed as standard)
  •     Bed linen (wide fabrics up to 3 metres wide, white and ecru held in stock)
  •     Table linen (plain linens and damask, wide fabrics up to 3 metres wide)
  •     Printing fabrics
  •     Huckaback towelling fabric
  •     Fabrics for ecclesiastical linens (mainly white Irish linen)
  •     Handkerchief fabric (plain)
  •     Irish linen wedding dress fabric

For fabric swatches or to order please click here.

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