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There is a smart new breed of people coming to prominence in todays society. They are the weekenders, the lovers, explorers, adventurers and dreamers. People with big hearts and wide eyes. Those who are independent, yet united by a love of our planet and its populations. They are those who turn their backs on the ‘disposable or fast society’, searching out responsibly made, quality items, sustainably manufactured — without   sacrificing comfort, ease and design. In short, everyone, most likely that also means you!

Ferguson’s and John England have observed the world for generations and have seen the evolution of a new type of person………

an exciting new tribe if you will.

These modern individuals are explorers, trekkers, professionals, the suits, fashionistas, adventurers, dreamers and shoppers. They are independent, share a respect for the environment, different cultures and are young at heart. They are daunted by the ecological tasks facing our planet, but they are the triers, those prepared to take responsibility for our children’s future.

Fergusons and John England are dedicated to designing with you in mind, reflecting and learning from the needs of this

new global tribe:

  • the desire for sustainable design,
  • planet friendly manufacturing,
  • stylish fun designs, great value,
  • providing the fabrics to create a space that has a sociable atmosphere,
  • Fabric that encourages comfortable, quality, sustainable
  • luxury clothing
  • durability
  • without unnecessary or hidden costs to our populations, our planet or our pockets.

John England & Fergusons aim to bring ‘affordable luxury’ to you where ever you are in the world. We have created a global portfolio of feels, looks & styles that can be adapted to suit everyone. At the core is our faith in high quality natural fibres, woven with the ecosystem and sustainability in mind, contributing to our quality and responsible design and manufacturing operations model.

It means John England & Fergusons design and make sustainable planet friendly fabrics and products that support, enhance, bring pleasure and are affordable to everyday life or in other words in a way that makes sense to the people who live on our planet.

Irish Linen is one of the most stylish future friendly fabrics in fashion. Having long fibres mean Irish linen fabric is very strong. It is also naturally moth resistant and naturally antibacterial.

Irish Linen is made from European ethically sourced, flax plant fibres, which are fully biodegradable, in fact it’s probably the most biodegradable of all fashion fabrics. Irish Linen’s reputation as an eco-chic fabric is increasing as we search for sustainable clothing and furnishings.

Linen performs well and withstands high temperatures – which is why it is the fabric

of choice for globe trotters, explorers and adventurers.

Irish Linen wicks moisture (perspiration) away from the skin, in exactly the same way as high performance sportswear does, with one major difference, it does so without holding bacteria, SO great news, without retaining stale body smells! In fact Irish Linen is stronger when wet than dry.


Flax takes just 100 days from the seed being planted to the flax being ready to pull (it’s not cut). Flax takes 13 times less pesticide to grow than potatoes. It is retted in the fields and needs far less water than cotton to grow. It is earth friendly and nothing is wasted.

It’s no wonder that with these characteristics, many Europeans traditionally reuse and recycle linen, by handing down linen bed-sheets, table linens and even garments as heirlooms. Putting cotton into the shade, linen that’s been well cared for can last for decades. It should come as no surprise that linen has been popular since Ancient Mesopotamian times

Irish Linen is tremendously versatile. It can be woven so that it’s sturdiness

makes it ideal for upholstery as well as fine and floaty Irish linens for

eco-savvy designers in the film and fashion trades.

  • Eco & future friendly
    • Renewable & recyclable
    • Biodegradable
    • Naturally anti bacterial
    • Naturally moth resistant
    • Naturally wicking
    • Ethically produced
    • Planet friendly & Natural
    • Eco chic & empathetically designed
    • Environmentally friendly

Both Fergusons and John England are accredited members of The Masters of Linen. This means our product is traceable, back to the field

MASTERS OF LINEN® is a registered mark and sign of excellence for linen 100% Made in EUROPE, from field to

yarn to fabric. A benchmark for both the trade and the consumer.

Club Masters of Linen gathers and promotes the certified European textile companies: spinners, weavers and knitters who have opted for 100% European traceability and want to offer their clients – brands and/or consumers – a differentiation tool— a high value-added identity.

The Masters of Linen logo preserves and enhances the Made in Europe claim, Answering consumer and corporate social responsibility expectations:

  • Made in Europe, from field to yarn to fabric
  • Sustainable production, respecting the environment from European Flax® fibre:

no irrigation, no gmo, no waste, carbon sink, field retting, mechanical scutching to yarn, fabric and finishing according to highest regulations and biodegradable

  • Social ethics, European know-how and jobs
  • Proximity, local, agricultural+textile land identity
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Service
  • Excellence and innovation


Fergusons and John England really do believe that actions speak louder than words, when it comes to protecting….and saving our planet. What action have we taken to be as good as our word?


  • Our factory is heated by wood pellets made from reclaimed wood chips and sawdust, offsetting the gas heating that we use in very cold weather.
  • In 2016 we invested heavily in a smart heating system that is highly efficient and sensor controlled.
    • We do not heat infrequently used areas in the factory
    • Our workers are on board too and following their request we are providing fleeces so that they can remain nice and cosy while they work and avoid burning extra fuel.
    • We use ceiling fans not air conditioning to keep us cool in the summer


  • Our lighting is being changed in 2018 from fluorescent to LED lighting. This project is 75% complete and will be fully completed in early 2019


  • Hot water is now heated on demand and at point of use.
    • In an attempt to reduce plastic bottle usage in the factory, in November, we are installing a chilled filtered water dispenser (mains plumbed), we are also considering a drinking fountain. (nb the paper cone cups are fully recycleable)

Company vehicles

  • We have reduced the number of company vehicles
    • We have already started moving over to electric hybrid company vehicles.


  • Printer ink cartridges are recycled by a local charity
  • Whilst we make every effort to keep this to the bare minimum, cutting, weaving and stitching fabric waste is recycled, upcycled and sold. For example;
  • We even sell the ‘fly’ (linen dust) out of the extractors to be used by coffin makers to hermetically seal the joints in coffins.
  • Our cut selvedge waste has been knitted to create non-animal fur for the movie industry.
  • Sacks of waste pieces are given to schools and sold to embroiderers and crafters.

Switch off policy

  • All lights, electricity, computers etc are covered by our switch off policy, and have been for decades!


  • Our staff canteen has microwaves instead of ovens


  • Non sensitive paper is shredded in-house and reused as packaging filler/stabiliser.
  • All cardboard boxes and packaging are reused
  • We stopped shrink wrapping product with plastic, three years ago. Now we wrap finished product in acid free tissue paper, brown craft paper and string
  • Our factory shop has just become a plastic bag free zone.
  • Our packaging is constantly under review. If you have a suggestion we’d love to hear it.

Paperless environment

  • We have made great strides forward to remove paper from our method of working. We still have a way to go, but we are driving this project forward function by function Mechanical Efficiency
  • A well maintained piece of equipment or machine is far more fuel and consumable usage efficient than those not regularly maintained. John England and Fergusons have a regular maintenance programme and continually conduct internal audits, to ensure we run as efficiently and safely as possible.


Working together with some of our larger customers, we have been encouraging them to call down deliveries from their bulk orders less frequently.

Whilst it might have seemed easier for these customer to control their stock by calling down from their order more than once a week. The decision to agree to us shipping only once a month, making savings both financial and to our precious environment was simply a no brainer.

We have been phenomenally successful with this project. Our three largest customers last year had over 250 deliveries. By the end of the year they will have had a maximum of 50 deliveries. Brilliant we say……. and a surprising benefit that none of us had realised in advance is the reduction of admin and account time.

GRANT AIDED RESEARCH Traditional finishing processes

Four years ago, with grant assistance, we were able to research and develop how our fashion and interior fabrics were finished. We became able to replicate our famous soft finish in-house, a reduction in lead time of eight weeks, and a great impact on reducing our carbon footprint .

Starting in October 2018 we are researching into formally finishing damask table linens in-house. We hope to complete by late 2019 or early 2020. We’re looking forward to reducing our carbon footprint once again and reducing waste products. The project will be deemed a success if the quality is not effected in any way and the cost of carrying out the procedure is not costly to either the environment of our planet or financially.


—changing the way the fashion industry works.

Five years ago we changed the way we work for bulk customers. The pay off for the planet, brand protection, brand profile, our customers cash flow and eliminating unnecessary wastage is huge.

The MOQ for our design or your own design fabric is 12m. If you order a run on of just 38m or more the design becomes yours and cannot be resold.

How does this help, we hear you say……

As a designer or brand using John England fabric you can show and sell your range before you place your production order.

Brilliant, once you have your orders in you can disregard

anything that doesn’t hit the mark before your spend your money and only order exactly what your have orders in for. Your brand is totally protected, NO sale rail, NO wastage & NO over-makes.


  • All John England and Ferguson linen fabrics are Irish linen guild and European master of linen certified.
    • Linen is naturally antibacterial , naturally wicking and anti-moth
    • John England linens are Irish Linen—the very best quality, and are woven in Northern Ireland so they are also UK made.
    • Linen is a natural fibre. The colour natural, is just that …natural. If there has been a wet summer the natural fibre will be a good few shades darker than that which has been sun bleached in a hot sunny summer.
    • If you haven’t a clue how, but you’d love to design your own fabric to give your range a unique look

….AND…without spending a fortune, just ask!

  • Our looms vary in width size up to 300cm+, so our fabrics can vary in width, generally they are around 138 /

150cm, but they can be up to 305m wide. This can help cut down wastage when laying up.

  • On request we will send out F.O.C. one woven label per metre of fabric purchased from John England .
    • There are price breaks at 13m, 50m, & 100m. If you want over 150m always get in touch and ask for a special quote . If you have a large quantity of fabric you need to be woven and it is in a quiet period, the saving could be substantial.
    • The MOQ for your own design fabric is 12m, if you do not wish us to sell a design to recoup set up charges you just have to order a total of 50m—so 38m more. It’s a great way to show and sell your range before you know which is going to be your most popular fabric, ordering when you get your orders in—cut down on wastage and capital just sitting on shelves, doing nothing!

If you have a question but it just seems downright silly, don’t worry , ask anyway and we will do our best to answer or explain.