What is the minimum order size?

The minimum order for any one colour of our stock plain fabrics is 6 metres, and our minimum wholesale order value is £200. It may take at least two 6 metre lengths to cover the minimum order value.

The John England 6 metre length service is very much seen as a sample order for customers to try fabrics.

John England would very much like to be able to supply any quantity of fabric our customers want. Unfortunately this is not practical, nor commercial. Selling retail quantities at wholesale prices is not an easy problem to overcome.

For our textured or Jacquard woven fabrics the minimum order size is 12 metres. Again this is a try-out quantity. We prefer customers do not repeat purchase the same fabric in such short lengths. Repeat orders for the same fabric should be for greater quantities.

Offering fabrics with on-trend colours in shorter lengths, at realistic prices, is one of John England’s unique services. John England colours are continually reviewed and kept up to date.

The best way to get John England linens, at the best prices, is to buy any one item in quantities greater than 250 metres.

Please contact our sales team for more information.

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