Fibres other than flax linen?

John England do sell fibres other than flax linen. John England mainly sells  linen fabrics, but also routinely sell linen woven with  other fibres. These include cotton, lambswool, polyamide, polyester, and nylon.

These other fibres are added to enhance the linen and introduce different properties to the fabrics. These properties are both physical, aesthetic and organoleptic. They include increasing the rub resistance for upholstery fabrics, and giving different handles, properties, drapes and appearances to the linens.

It is important to design, or engineer, fabrics for specific end-uses.

Whilst John England sell mainly linen fabrics this is by no means a hard and fast rule. Yarns from other fibres than flax linen can be used; such as 100% cotton or 100% hemp, etc. Subject to minimums. Usually at least 1000m +.