John England Sponsoring students

Sponsoring Students

John England would very much like to help all students with free fabric as they feel passionately about the industry. They would like to encourage all young design students. However, sponsoring students is just not always possible for a small business.

John England receive a very large number of requests; mainly from students on fashion courses. However, the company can only offer support in very exceptional circumstances.

If you think your situation might be exceptional you should write to John England (Banbridge) Ltd explaining your case. This must be confirmed, on letter headed paper from your college, by a senior member of staff. If John England is not satisfied with this response the offer may be declined.

If requests are too numerous, John England may not reply.

Any support will be in the way of a reasonable amount of John England unique fabrics. This must be acknowledged by you in any papers, design creations, or fashion shows.