Who were John England Textiles Ltd?

In November 2012 John England Textiles Ltd sold the assets and trading name of John England. John England Textiles Ltd. was based in Belfast, N.Ireland. When John England Textiles Ltd had sold the trading name to John England (Banbridge) Ltd. the new name of the once John England Textiles Ltd., became MRJO Ltd. MRJO Ltd has no connection with the new company John England (Banbridge) Ltd.

John England (Banbridge) Ltd is a new company formed in November 2012. This new company, as the name suggests, is based in Banbridge, Co. Down, N.Ireland. This is about 25 miles south of Belfast. Banbridge is an old Irish linen town and is situated on the river Bann in the historic Linen Heartlands of N. Ireland.

The owners of the new John England (Banbridge) Ltd. also own a few other small textile companies. One of these being an Irish linen company called Thomas Ferguson & Co Ltd. Thomas Ferguson previously wove fabrics for the old John England company, and this relationship will continue, and most likely increase.

There is some sharing of resources with the current owners other companies, but John England is very much run as an independent company.

Please note that all the bank account details have changed.

It is assuredly the objective of the new owners to keep the memory of the founder John England alive, and to maintain all the best of what he brought to the brand.

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