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Linen fabric for upholstry woven with thick yarn

Curtain and Upholstery fabric

We can adjust the density & weave of most designs
to suit your needs, making them heavier, lighter, or changing texture

FR treatment available

Can be your own, custom design

JE815 100% Linen woven colours

Over 50 different colours available in our jacquard woven plains

Different weights and densities available

Patterns and stripes too!

Pinecones used as design inspiration
Design extracted from the dark and light sections of the pinecone image and turned into a repeat
Chair upholstered in pine cone design fabric

The look, drape and feel is massively influenced by the fabric you use, or the structures and yarns you choose. By working with John England to create your own fabric (MOQ 12m) you are designing from the yarn upwards. It’s the best way for you to stamp your identity & unique style on ‘a job’, and stand out from the crowd.

Be inspired by your surroundings!

Weaving linen on a dornier rapier loom with a bonas jacquard

At John England we have a huge range of fabrics with different colours, designs, textures, fibres in hundreds of combinations. You can order these as they are, or you can use them to form your own palette and fuel your creativity.

Assemble your inspiration in a mood board.

Think ‘painting by numbers’ and select 5 swatches that you would like to use on your mood board.

Then decide on colours, textures and fibres for your design.

Method 1

Create your design in a repeat, then decide on scale. Then, it’s as easy as getting in touch!

Method 2

Give us a ring or drop us an email and have a chat with our technical designers to receive guidance through the design process.

For more information you can check out our post on how to design your own fabric.

Over 3000 designs to be inspired by

Check out our ranges on our collections page.

Explore everything from plain piece-dyed fabrics (6m MOQ), to Linen fusions woven with recycled cotton, wool sourced from UK sheep, and hemp in a wide selection of colours.

For more info on our yarns, take a look at our Moral Fibres.

Fabrics woven by John England on rails at Decorex
Plouging a field in preparation to sew flax
Field of flax in bloom
Flax after being pulled
European flax dew retting in the field

Your Questions Answered:

  1. MOQ’s
    • Plain piece dyed: 6 meters
    • Woven fabrics: 12 meters
    • Bespoke design: 12 meters
  2. Prices
    • Ends of rolls from £10 GBP per meter
    • Collection fabrics range from £14 to £50 GBP per meter (150cm wide)
  3. Widths
    • We can weave from 150cm to 305cm wide
  4. Yarns/Fibres
    • Linen
    • Hemp
    • Recycled cotton
    • Responsibly sourced cotton
    • Lamb’s wool
    • But also experience with customer’s own yarns such as silk, alpaca, cashmere, nettle, and more
  5. Print
    • We can supply loomstate or sustainably laundered (preshrunk) and pressed
  6. Specialist Finishes
    • Flame resistance (FR) and many others are available on request
  7. Weights
    • Because we’re the actual weaver, we can adjust fabrics so their weights can range between 98 up to 460gsm
  8. Where is it made?
    • We weave at our factory located at 54 Scarva Road, Banbridge, Co. Down, BT32 3QD, Northern Ireland
  9. Sustainability
    • We’re fully accredited by the Alliance of European Flax Linen and Hemp. We are Masters of Linen, which means our linen is traceable back to the field.
  • McQueen Linen Damask Suit
  • Masters of Linen Certification Logo
  • Designer linen trousers (vertical stripes) for women
  • UK gold level innovation award
  • Linen laundry bags n a bathroom
  • Sustainable and responsibly made logo
  • Colmcille damask linen tablesetting
  • ISO9001 certification

Ferguson's Irish Linen Logo

HOME 2024

Fergusons Irish linen items on display

Cook – Linen Tea Towels and Kitchen

Introducing the French Collection and Working Kitchen tea towels.

Bespoke Tea Towels also available.

Linen has been shown to be able to resist bacterial growth, is known to be hypoallergenic, it’s stronger when wet, and it doesn’t produce fluff when drying items (glasses, mirrors, etc…). Combine that with it’s environmental footprint, and you get an amazing option for making teatowels – Probably why they have been the go-to choice for most people for centuries!

  • French Collection and Working Kitchen Tea towels on display
  • Working Kitchen teatowels beside scones and scales
  • French hearts linen tea towels
  • Linen tea towel collage of designs with name

Not only can we create custom teatowels, aprons, storage covers, waiter’s cloths, and more, but the same fabric can be utilised in many different ways. You can work with us to create a whole range that utilises one design in multiple different ways – maybe changing the weight/density of the fabric or the colour of the design each time. The options are quite literally, endless.

Relax- 100% Linen and Linen Lamb’s wool blankets and throws

Blankets are by far one of the most fun products to design. Structure influences how the blanket acts – the bark blanket gives you that gentle hygge hug, the herringbone throw sits reliably on your bed or sofa. Fibre effects the thermal properties – linen and wool insulates without overheating too much, while 100% linen is light and airy, perfect for days in the sun. And design? It’s a big, loom width piece of fabric. We’ve woven everything from the traditional afghan and farmhouse blankets, to contemporary designs by university lecturers (and students). We can even create blankets using a photograph, weaving the photo in greyscale into the very fabric of the blanket!

Sleep – Linen Bedding

Fitted and Flat sheets at standard UK/EU and US sizes or bespoke sizes (up to 3m wide).
Duvet covers with punch spoke or corded decoration, plain or with damask designs.
Pillowcases with oxford, housewife, bolster and French variations.

Why choose flax linen bedding? It has actually been proven to improve sleep quality, it is hypoallergenic, and regulates moisture and temperature – which is especially useful in hot climates, but is irresistably comfortable in colder climes. All this, and it gets softer with every wash.

Linen Chambray bedding with colours blue pink and grey
Optical white linen bedding

Soak – Spa Linens

Pile of linen cotton towels with different colours and stripes-min
  • Oval picture of embroidered spa linens
  • Linen laundry bags n a bathroom
  • Linen bathrobes in white and natural
  • Bespoke sun towels and spa wraps woven in jacquard linen
  • Shelf of linen suntowels in sunscarves with different colours and designs
  • Natural Linen towels on towel rail
  • Rose huck design natural linen flat towel

Soap Savers 
Buff Puffs

Friction Mitts
Stuff Sacs

Spa wraps

Sun Towels

Treatment Bed Covers
Matching Clean
Down Cloths
Cushion and Pillow Covers

Off The Shelf or Bespoke

  • Linen Bathrobes and Laundry bags
  • Reusable Linen hotel bathroom and spa packaging

Table Linen – Formal Dining Collection


Pure Linen Damask is the name given to products that are jacquard woven from pure flax yarns so that subtle patterns are visible even in an all white cloth, woven from all white yarns. Damask fabrics are most extraordinary, as shifting light sources continually reveal new designs to the eye in hide and seek fashion.


Thomas Ferguson’s have been weaving table linen for those that appreciate quality – a touch of elegance – for over 160 years in Co Down, Northern Ireland which is in the UK.


Yes, you can offer your customer a design based upon their life, an architectural feature or – the view from the window!

CAN I GET A SAMPLE?  A swatch of damask or double damask can be sent out (you need only cover postage), but there would be a charge for a napkin or placemat napkin or item would be charged

WHAT ARE YOUR STOCK DESIGNS?  Satin Band, Fine Scroll, (Georgian), Chrysanthemum, Colmcille (Celtic knot), Shamrock and many others


Simply phone (UK +44) 028 4062 3491, email us, or check out the Ferguson’s Irish Linen website.


  • Coasters
  • Cocktail napkins
  • Tea napkins
  • Dinner napkins
  • Table cloths
  • Runners


Oyster, Oatmeal, Thistle, Ocean, Straw, Savoy Pink, Green Apple – there are over 30 different possible colours.


It has a much higher thread count than damask and is woven with finer yarn.

Table Linen – Tablescaping Collection

Geranium tablescape linens example designs

Tablescaping linen options in geranium.

Left: JE2125 (TF5136-16)

Centre: JE TF8418

Right: JE2107 (TF5422-26)

red tablescape linen examples

Tablescaping options in red

yellow tablescape linen examples

Tablescaping options in yellow

Pistachio and Pale apple tablescape linens example designs

Bright and inviting greens.

Left: JE2125WP Pistachio

Upper centre: JE974WP Oasis

Right: JE2788WP Pale apple

Lower centre: TF8418 Pale apple

Olive Green tablescape linens example designs one

Earthy olive green options.

Centre: TF8418 Olive

Right: JE2788WP Floro Olive

Khaki Green tablescape linens example designs one

Organic neutral options.

Left: JE1406WP Paisley Daisy (olive)

Centre: JE8/2 Chambray Fumo (light grey)

Right: JE974WP Minnow

Tartan Green Tablescape linens example designs

Tablescaping options in tartan green.

Left: JE2417 11 7533 tartan green

Centre: JE2107 11 5422 06 tartan green

Right: JE8/8 Chambray smoke

Blue tablescape linen examples

Tablescaping options in refined blues.

Left: JE2417 11 7533 navy

Centre: JE974WP

Right: JE2107 11 5422 06

Tago tablescape linens example designs

Tablescaping options in tago (purple)

Left: JE1255WP Dipperty Tago

Centre: JE2788 Floro Tago

Right: JE2107WP Tago

The tablescaping collection can be woven as linen/hemp, and other colours are also available. Get in touch to find out more! These can be ordered as made up products (with custom or standard labels), or as fabric by the metre (MoQ 12m)

Seasonal and Traditional items

Our Christmas Collection is an example of products we can produce around a specific event. Whether it be for a seasonal holiday, a wedding or any other event – corporate or familial – we can help produce a range of items to suit.

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3PL – 3rd Party Logistics

Integrates with your online shop and provides;

  • Warehousing – Storage
  • Pick & Pack
  • Shipping & Returns
  • Stock control
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