Sustainable Irish Linen

Irish Linen is one of the most stylish future friendly fabrics in fashion. Having long fibres mean Irish linen fabric is very strong. It is also naturally moth resistant, and naturally antibacterial.

Irish Linen is made from European ethically sourced, flax plant fibres, which are fully biodegradable, in fact it’s probably the most biodegradable of all fashion fabrics. Irish Linen’s reputation as an Eco-chic fabric is increasing as we search for sustainable clothing and furnishings.

Linen performs well and withstands high temperatures- which is why it is the fabric of choice for globe trotters, explores and adventurers’.

Irish Linen wicks moisture(perspiration) away from skin, in exactly the same way as high performance sportswear does, with one major difference, it does so without holding bacteria. So, great news, without retraining stale body smells! In fact Irish Linen is stronger when wet than dry.

Irish Linen improves with age, as it becomes softer and softer, and more pliable the more it is washed. Used by Eco-designers worldwide, it just gets better and better.

Flax takes just 100 days from the seed being planted to the flax being ready to pull( it’s not cut). Flax takes 13 times less pesticide to grow that potatoes. It is retted in the fields and needs far less water than cotton to grow. It is earth friendly and nothing is wasted.

It’s no wonder that with these characteristics many European traditionally reuse and recycle linen, by handling down linen bed-sheets, table linens and even garments as heirlooms. Putting cotton into the shade, linen that’s been well cared for can last for decades. It should come as no surprise that linen has been popular since Ancient Mesopotamian times.

Irish Linen is tremendously versatile. It can be woven so that it’s sturdiness makes it ideal for upholstery and well as fine and floaty Irish Linen for eco-savvy designers in the film and fashion trades.

The Irish Linen is a sustainable product:

  • Eco & future friendly
  • Renewable and recyclable
  • Biodegradable
  • Naturally anti bacterial
  • Naturally moth resistant
  • Naturally wicking
  • Ethically produced
  • Planet friendly and Natural
  • Eco chic and em-pathetically  designed
  • Environment friendly