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Dyed Plains 2021
john England - Linen Fabrics

The home of responsibly made, quality linen fabrics, sustainably manufactured — without sacrificing comfort, ease, cost, or design?

Piece dyed linen fabrics of various weights and wear resistance. Washed in soft mountain waters to soften and preshrink.

John England Irish Linen designs and weaves sustainable planet friendly linen fabrics and blends that support, enhance, bring pleasure and are affordable to everyday life in a way that makes sense.

John England fabrics encourage comfortable, quality & sustainable luxury clothing; with excellent durability. John England says a big NO to fast fashion.

We manufacture without unnecessary or hidden costs to our planet or to your pocket.

Each year, we design and manufacture new ranges of on-trend colour palettes with a mixture of new bright and vibrant, striking colours , along with soft saturated colours.

John England carries on the rich heritage of weaving in the North of Ireland. Belfast is still famous for it’s Belfast linens, and once was so great in the industry it was nicknamed Linenopolis.

Hot to Trot - 200 Fab Designs

Hot to trot
200 new woven Linen Fabric designs

Welcome to the newest additions to John England’s linen fabric range – 200 new Irish linen designs to glaze your eyes upon and be inspired.


"Hempy Range"

Hemp fabric woven in the UK, in N.Ireland.

Welcome to our newest addition to John England’s range – “HEMPY RANGE 2021” is a new John England brand which highlights  fabrics woven with genuine hemp fibre.

We have created a new range of Hemp, Linen, & Cotton woven fabrics made sustainably from hemp yarns. John England’s Hempy brand of fabrics are responsibly made natural fibre fabrics.

Hemp fibre is a high yielding crop that comes from the Cannabis plant. Hemp has many advantages which make it ideal to use in the 21st century. The environmentally friendly cultivation, and the sustainability of its products are the main drivers for the resurgence in its use. 

Hemp is not marijuana, although they do both come from the Cannabis plant.

Hempy Range 2020
Lambs Wool Fusion-new

fusion fabrics

Welcome to our “Lambswool Fusion Range”. Not only do we specialize in designing and weaving linen fabrics. John England also manufacture linen and lambswool blends. The aim to create new fabrics with various weights, properties, textures, and colours for a wider range of end uses. John England has a wide range of coloured & natural linens & wools available for your selection. Or we can weave your own designs.

Stp Linen Fabrics

Welcome to  the John England show Stoppers collection. Whether you are designing your own fabrics or admiring our in-house designs, John England has something perfect for you.

We’ve also provided exclusive movie fabrics for high profile movies. These include Star Wars, Casino Royale, Lord of the Rings, Pride And Prejudice, Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean to name a few. Also, television series including HBO’s Game of Thrones. As well as prestigious operatic and theatre companies such as La Scala and Cirque du Soleil.

Diverse design
linen fabric collection

Needing some new design ideas with unique colours, Well look no further, and stay ahead of the game with John England Irish Linens exciting new diverse design collection. We are an industry leader in manufacturing linen fabrics and are always bringing new designs and fabrics to the market. Using a mixture of classic and contemporary styles, there is something here for everyone.


Looking for Linen & Cotton fabrics? We stock various types of fabrics, with Linen, Linen & Cotton, denims, hemp, and much much more!

Check out our Diverse Design Collection and become inspired.


See something you like, but want to add your own personal touches? Contact us with your design and we will manufacture it for you. It’s as simple as that!

Design your own Fabric

changing the
future together

Would you like to design your very own Fabrics? Here at John England Irish Linen, we manufacture thousands of designs and colours and have worked with many designers and companies to produce bespoke/custom fabrics and ranges.

We have created over 3000 fabrics which you can use to form your own palette and fuel your creativity including linens and blends using  weft yarns of:

– Linen

– Lambswool

– Cotton & Recycled cotton

– Silk

– Alpaca / Cashmere


Productions we have worked with

Work with us

Franklins Group

As part of the Franklins Group we also offer a wide range of Interiors product through our Fergusons Brand

Masters Of Linen Logo

is a registered mark and sign of excellence for linen 100% Made in EUROPE, from field to yarn to fabric. A benchmark for both the trade and the consumer.

Irish Linen Story Official Seal

Irish Linen Guild is a promotional organization of the Irish linen industry that was founded in 1928

changing the
future together

John England Irish Linen is a brand you can trust for quality, service, innovation and design. John England is a designer and weaver based in the heart of Ireland’s historic Linen Homelands of County Down, N.Ireland (which is actually in the UK)

We have been supplying high quality fine Irish Linens and linen blends by the yard/metre
for over half a century, passing down through generations a titanic amount of knowledge
and expertise.
Boasting our own in- house weaving, design, laundry, stocks, and fabric experts. 

By John England Irish Linen

John England can supply woven linen fabrics for a range of end uses. Most of our fabrics are linen or linen blends (with wool, hemp, cotton, nylon, polyester)

Our Projects
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thinking outside
the box is our motto

“Your style Should Tell The Story Of Who You Are And Be A Collection Of What You Love”