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John England can supply woven linen fabrics for a range of end uses. Most of our fabrics are linen or linen blends (with lambs wool, hemp, recycled responsibly sourced cotton) fabrics contact

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The Story of Flax - Linen The smart green sustainable fibre

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A Quick Guide to Our Fibres

At John England, we create many types of fabrics, using different textures, weave structures, weights and finishing looks great for any project you want to use it for. Not only

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Hempy Range - John England

Jacquard and Plain Hemp Fabric

Introduction Hemp fibre has many advantages which make it ideal to use in the 21st century. The environmentally friendly cultivation, and sustainability of its products are the main drivers for

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Theatrical Linens by John England

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Our sister companies within the Neilly Group offer a wide range of made up interior products through the Ferguson’s Brand and Irish Linen Properties.

Masters of Linen is a registered mark and sign of excellence for linen 100% Made in EUROPE, from field to yarn to fabric. A benchmark for both the trade and the consumer.

Irish Linen Guild is a promotional organization of the Irish linen industry that was founded in 1928

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