Why Linen/Cotton?

If you’re familiar with our high quality, luxury Irish Linen, the chances are that you’re curious about what other amazing fabrics we produce. With such a wide variety of colours and designs to choose from our collection, who could be blamed, really?  

Here at John England, we produce Linen blends as well as our pure Irish Linen, giving our buyers more flexibility in choice for their preferred textures, colours, designs and finishing look in their fabrics. This includes our sustainable Linen/Recycled Cotton blend – a soft-to-the-touch, breathable, quick-drying fabric that looks and feels exactly like regular cotton, with the added advantage of being kind to our environment! 

Picking John England recycled cotton reduces waste and conserves resources by saving blue water, making this a not only eco-friendly product, but an environmentally friendly process as well. It makes a fantastic Linen/Cotton denim too! Who could go wrong with such an all-round revolutionary fabric? 

Check out some of our Linen/Cotton options: 

JE1666W – 165cm – 262gsm – Black/Cloud

This intense fabric and its design is alike to the formation of storm clouds, about to burst, adding a fierce and bold feel to the blend.

JE2278– 165CM – 251GSM –
Red/Green & Dark Navy/Light Grey

The geometric herringbone pattern in this Linen/Cotton blend creates a sense of sophistication surrounding your home interior, décor or seasonal apparel.

JE2370W – 165CM – 224GSM –
Black, Light Grey, Blue, Dream Catcher, Pistachio

Sometimes plain is perfect! Our JE2370W fabric, available in a range of plain colours, is the perfect soft, sustainable fabric for any purpose you see fit.

JE1526W – 166CM – 259GSM

This simple, yet elegant design is a beautiful example of how well this fabric blend works together. This fabric is perfect for lightweight apparel, and with such a gorgeous, effortless design, you just couldn’t go wrong.