Sample and Swatches

Free of charges Swatches:

  • The first five fabric swatches are free of charge.*
  • The first two colour cards (plains) are free of charge.*

Paid for Fabric Swatches:

  • If you need 6 to 10 fabric swatches there will be a one off charge of £5.00 plus ( postage and packaging)*
  • If you need 10 to 15 fabric swatches, there will be a one off charge of £10.00 plus (postage and packaging)*
  • For up to total 10 hunger  (approx. A4), there will be a charge of £3.00 each (plus postage and packaging)*

*These will be sent by standard mail, if you wish for them to be sent next day delivery, there will be a charge of approx. £10.00 depending on the quantity ordered.

Yarn Cards:

Yarn cards are available, but it should be noted that they do not give a proper indication of the actual cololur once it has been woven, combined with the warp colour and other weft colours. To see how a yarn looks when woven we would suggest you request a swatch of JE815 from the colour range shown in the presentation on line. 

Yarn cards are vary and are individually produced. £10 each for 10 colours, per fiber( plus postage and packaging).

Metred Samples:

The minimum order quantity is:

  • 6 metres for piece dyed plain fabrics 
  • 12 metres for woven designs

Any quantity under MOQ’S will be charged at minimum retail prices (+100% plus20%), however woven designs in particular are subject to availability.

Bespoke Colourways in Existing Woven Designs

This is best discussed with our sales staff, but as a general rule of thumb; 

One repeat of design, in stock colours (bespoke yarn colour +£800 each colour/8-10 weeks)

Cost £40.00 for 1 metre max/ production sample.

*All prices are excluding vat , P&P prices based on UK rates in GBP£. Rates vary worldwide.

Samples are prepaid for via Pro-forma invoice. Invoices are not issued automatically but available on request.