Why Choose Linen/Wool?

At John England, we aim to create the highest quality fabrics. This is not only pure Irish Linen, but a range of various fabric blends and includes our amazing Linen/Wool blend! 

Wool is a protein fibre. This means when combined with cellulose linen fibres, it has a higher shrinkage rate than 100% linen. The fibres are blended when the weft yarn, wool, is woven into the warp yarn, linen. This allows the fabric to shrink more, become thicker, increase in weight (gsm), and trap air in the fibres. Check out the difference between these weaves with our Linen/Wool and Linen/Hemp blends: 

JE2669W  – Linen/Wool

The protein fibres of the lambs’ wool in this fabric blend increase the shrinkage of this weave structure, creating a much more tight and thick look and feel to the fabric.

JE2664W – Linen/Hemp

As both the fibres of linen and hemp are cellulose, the fabric has a much more relaxed, loose texture after washing, creating a totally different effect with the same weave structure.

Why Linen/Wool?

Our linen is a luxurious fabric all on its own. However, fusing our naturally resilient, breathable and sustainable flax fibres with lambs’ wool only adds to these properties. Wool is an excellent absorber, can wick away moisture and retains heat, making sure you’re warm and cosy both in your seasonal apparel and your home interior. This ideal cross between fabric weights lends itself to create that cosy environment both in your home and your wardrobe!

Wool also…:

  • Has ‘crimps’ due to the waviness in its fibres, which will vary in amount depending on how fine the fabric is.
  • Becomes softer with friction, creating and maintaining a smooth and comfortable texture in the fabric, which is perfect for home interior and apparel purposes.
  • Has great strength and resilience that allow it to return to its original shape after wear or use – it’s even stronger than silk!
  • Can be felted – when washed at a high temperature, the wool fibres become almost over-agitated and fuse together, binding together to create a felt-like material, or ‘boiled wool’.
  • Insulates heat well and is warmer due to its ability to trap warm air, as well as its heavier weight.

What can it be used for?

The heavier weight of a linen/wool blend compared to other fabric blends presents a comfortable and practical fabric. This is perfect for your seasonal apparel, such as winter coats and scarves. But the possibilities don’t end there – our ethical Linen/Wool blend is also the ideal fabric for your home interior, whether on a cushion cover, your upholstery or even a set of curtains.

Different weave structures can also affect the uses of Linen/Wool. For instance, a plain weave may be used for seasonal apparel and upholstery. A basket weave would be better suited for pillows. However, a jacquard weave may be better for curtain fabric or thermal blankets.

Check out some of our Linen/Wool options:

JE2627 – Linen/Wool – Gold Leaf & Suede

This interesting pattern is a beautiful variation of weave structures, allowing for a loose, buckled effect in the fabric’s design. The strong, Gold Leaf and plain Suede colour scheme accentuates the contrasting structures in the weave, making this a unique, yet sophisticated Linen/Wool fabric design.

JE1233 – Linen/Wool – Light Fawn & Dark Steel

The ‘Jiggy’ fabric is a natural, organic yet structured design that truly lends itself to throws, cushions, interior design and apparel. The eye is drawn to the various textures within the design through the clever use of contrasting colours, displaying one of the many potential-rich products of our Linen/Wool fusions in the factory.

JE1734W – Linen/Wool – Light Fawn/Dark Steel/Olive Green/Clan Navy

This plain Linen/Wool blend may look complex, but it has a relatively simple weave structure. The combination of vivid natural colours makes this fabric a simple, yet sophisticated choice from our collection. The pattern of the colours in the weave of this fabric is almost granite-like, echoing its rough texture and natural elements.

JE2296W – Linen/Wool – Light Fawn & White / Tortoise Shell & Oxford Grey

This argyle pattern combined with a Linen/Wool composition is a classic you just can’t go wrong with. Complete with the colour options of both light and dark schemes, this fabric is a winning blend of design, comfort and style.

JE2368W – Linen/Wool

This stunning ombre palette on the raised surface of this fabric creates a beautiful, natural effect for this Linen/Wool blend. The combination of the light and dark colours within the scheme of this design is beneficial to that feeling of serenity in your home interior or seasonal apparel.