Why Choose Linen/Hemp Fabrics?

So, why choose a linen blend fabric from our variety of different collections rather than a 100% linen fabric? Well, our fabric blends at John England combine the amazing qualities of linen with other great quality fibres, for instance, hemp! Our Linen/Hemp fabric blend is truly a revolutionary fabric. The designs are fantastic, the drape is heavenly and it is sustainable. Just like flax, growing hemp requires less water and pesticides, is renewable and is good at removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 

John England is a part of the CELC – the European Confederation of Flax and Hemp. Johne England is also certified by The European Masters of Linen. This meaning that our fabrics are traceable from the field, to the yarn, to the fabric. The CELC have an innovation platform that exhibit some of our fabrics – check out this link. (TAGWALK x LINENDREAMLAB Showroom

Linen and Hemp are both amazing natural fabrics that share a lot of properties – both are naturally strong, resilient, breathable and hypoallergenic, making this blend a ‘must have’ for designers. However, hemp also brings its own unique characteristics to the table, as it is sustainable through its high-yield, highly resistant to UV light and disintegration in sunlight, and is strong like linen as it also has long fibres. Hemp and linen are both very stable fibres and together create a strong  yet soft fabric. Hemp & Linen both become softer after washing making the feel much more comfortable each time its washed.  It wears in rather than out! There’s no way to go wrong with a strong, natural and sustainable fabric blend! 

Here’s just a few of
our Linen/Hemp options

JE12 Hempy

White, Flannel, Breton Blue, Forget Me Not, Scallywag, Mango, Valentine, Oatmeal 

JE1872 Linen/Hemp Blend

White, Forget Me Not, Breton Blue/Scallywag, Rapscallion/Valentine, Oatmeal

JE1556W Linen/Hemp Blend

Oatmeal, Breton Blue, Mango, Valentine, White