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Linen fabrics may no longer be used to make mass-market everyday linen garments and household items, like they were up until the early 20th century. The main reason for this being that the Irish linen fabrics are not manufactured in a low wage, low cost country. 


They are ethically woven in Ireland. With this pressure on cost over the years Irish linen fabrics have been refined and distilled, and most of the coarser, lower cost, mass-market linens have been dropped. We are left with only the best, refined over generations to create fabrics with a wow factor, and a well-known brand. 

John England linen fabrics are woven in Banbridge, N. Ireland on the latest European manufactured looms and Jacquards, using only the best yarns. 

Producing Irish Linen Fabrics

The strength and confidence in the Irish linen brand is still clear by the number of fakes and attempts to try to use the Irish linen brand for linen fabrics made in low cost countries. 

One only must search on some of the well-known online platforms that connect manufacturers and wholesalers in East Asia to individuals and businesses around the world to get a sense of the extent of this. 

It is also attacked by people selling linen fabrics from low cost countries, but who still refer to it recognising it is a benchmark linen fabric.


All linen sold in Ireland is not Irish linen. It must be made in Ireland to be Irish linen. 

Made In Ireland
Jacquard Weave
At the top end John England use linen double damask quality fabrics made from the best of yarns that surpass most linens available today. These are used for custom made apparel fabrics for top designers, as well as household linen uses.
Genuine Irish linen fabrics are quite a rare thing today, because there are so few weavers in Ireland still producing it.
John England Irish linen is aware of a growing demand for unique crafted products. This seems in part due to dissatisfaction with the modern emphasis on mass-production, an increasing need by buyers to know the ‘green’ and sustainability, credentials of what they are buying, and people tiring of today’s cultural globalization and homogenization. There is a greater appreciation of products which have been made with passion and care, express individual cultures, and heritages, and which means more than simple materialism.
Today, we face the paradox that when there is a concern about the environment. Our natural products are increasingly being replaced by synthetic substitutes which despite their attractive appearance and functionality carry the difficulty of disposal and long- term damage to our environment.
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Irish linen fabric is a truly natural, and sustainable, product which starts by growing in a field, and is completely biodegradable and during its processing gives little or no waste materials. Flax from which linen is made is recognised widely as one of the most sustainable textile fibres.