Our End-Of-Roll Shop
is Coming soon

Here at John England, we’re working hard to bring you some exciting news! From Mid to Late September, our End-Of-Roll shop will be up and running for our buyers to visit the factory and browse our fabulous range of fabrics by appointment – and that’s not all. Take a look through our racks to explore our collection of thousands of fabric designs in different compositions, colours and weave structures and find something perfect for your purposes. 

John England has created many types of fabrics from different yarns, allowing us to provide our buyers with a variety of designs and colours in not only our 100% Irish Linen, but also in our various types of fabric blends. We provide our buyers with many options of high-quality fabric suited for any purpose, ranging from high-end apparel to features in your home interiors. Choose from our types of fabric, including pure Irish Linen, Linen/Hemp, Linen/Wool and Linen/Cotton to find that perfect material for your project with the advantage of keeping things sustainable AND stylish. With prices starting at just £10 per metre, you can’t go wrong with our fabrics! 

Here’s just a sneak peak of what we’re preparing to bring you later this month: 

We can’t wait to welcome you through our doors and offer our finest quality of fabrics in order to fulfil your creative vision as fellow designers. We hope to see you soon! To get in touch, or arrange to view our shop, drop us a message via the live chat button in the corner, or the form below!

If you would also like more reading material on linen and the process of creating the fabric, you can request a copy of our ‘Savoir & Faire: Textiles – Linen’ booklet – let us know via email and we’ll include a free copy with your order!