New Upholstery Drills Collection

New Upholstery Drills

New Upholstery Drills Collection

We’ve created a luxurious new collection for you interior designers out there who are looking for something sleek and sophisticated… Our brand-new upholstery drills collection is perfect for your designs – and with such a colour selection in this high-quality linen, you really can’t go wrong. This fabric is a soft, smooth material with a shine that will give your collection that ‘wow’ factor you’ve been looking for.

Available In A Range Of Gorgeous Colours

JE2915W – 100% Linen – 146cm – 241gsm – Fumo

This stunning stone-grey adds a cold shade to the collection that promotes professionalism and sophistication in any room.

JE2915W – 100% Linen – 146cm – 241gsm – Oyster

An elegant, neutral white is essential in every colour palette and particularly compliments the beautiful shimmer of this fabric.

JE2915W – 100% Linen – 146cm -241gsm – Pale Apple

This crisp pale green adds a refreshing burst of colour to the collection while staying true to a natural-themed palette.

JE2915W – 100% Linen – 146cm – 241gsm – Cement

This warm, neutral shade balances the colour palette perfectly, and adds a calming tone to the fabric collection.

JE2915W – 100% Linen – 146cm – 241gsm – Antique

This rich, warm brown is a rustic addition to the palette as a natural shade that lifts the collection’s colours with its undertones. Check out our website for more information on our fabrics and to make your inquiry today!