Glimpse Beyond 2021 – Late Summer Collection Promo

Here in the foothills of the Mourne mountains in Co Down, Northern Ireland, we have been inspired to create and bring you a new collection of fabrics, with our planet and the beauty of nature in mind – the GLIMPSE BEYOND… collection. This array of colours echoes the natural roots in our modern, man-made environment and connects us to our planet in an expressive way. The subtle tones infuse substance and style with comfort and sensuality. Create your dynamic combo for 2023, venture out and enjoy the future in beautiful surroundings, taking in what you can from the natural world. 

John England design and make sustainable planet friendly fabrics and products that support, enhance, bring pleasure to and are affordable in everyday life in a way that makes sense to the people who live on our planet. We are dedicated to designing with you in mind, reflecting and learning from the needs of this new global tribe:  

  • The desire for sustainable design 
  • Planet friendly manufacturing 
  • Stylish fun designs  
  • Great value 
  • Providing the fabrics to create a space that has a sociable atmosphere 
  • Fabric that encourages comfortable, quality, sustainable luxury clothing 
  • Durability & comfort 

The John England tribe shares a respect for the environment, different cultures and are young at heart. We are daunted by the ecological tasks facing our planet, but we are the triers, those prepared to take responsibility for our future world. 

Take a look at the colours on offer from this fabulous new range: