Theatrical Linens by John England (Banbridge) Ltd

John England Theatrical Linens is a division of John England. The division focuses on the supply of custom-made and stock unique fabrics to the theatre, opera, film/movie and TV industries. John England has been supplier of preference for costume, and set design linens for many years. We specialise in the supply of movie fabrics to film productions. Our fabrics have graced the screen in many high-profile films and TV programs, as well as stage productions. Our designers can work with you to come up with the unique fabrics you want. These linens can be used for all aspects of a production, from costumes to props.

John England Theatrical Linens Customers

We’ve provided exclusive movie fabrics for high profile movies. These include Casino Royale, Lord of the Rings, Pride And Prejudice, Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean. Also, television series including HBO’s Game of Thrones. As well as prestigious operatic and theatre companies such as La Scala and Cirque du Soleil.

What John England can do

John England is a weaver , therefore, we can design and weave unique fabrics. These can be up to 3 metres wide with a broad range of textures, colours, and appearances. These can all be designed and engineered for your specific production and end-use. With realistic minimums.

As we are Jacquard weavers we can weave special designs, images, and logos, etc. into your fabric. In addition to custom woven fabric John England Theatrical Linens also holds a wide range of stock fabrics.

All John England Theatrical Linens fabrics can be supplied with our unique wash finish which softens and preshrinks our fabrics. If you require a rush or urgent job for your production please talk to us, and we will do our best to help.

Our personal approach, specialist weaving ability, and outstanding remnant range has endeared us to the world of entertainment. As has our ability to source and dispatch many of our stock linens to productions within a matter of hours of being briefed by the costume designers. Please check with our sales team what fabrics are available from stock.

As previously stated on top of supplying linens from stock we can also design and weave fabrics especially for your production.

If you require more help please talk to our sales team.