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John England has been supplying linen fabrics with innovative designs, textures, and finishes since 1964. The John England brand was started by a man of the same name who had years of experience in the industry. John first set up his business in a house in Charles Street South, Belfast. The first rent was only £2.15 per week and when he later bought the property it set him back just £200.  John’s reputation as an innovator and creative genius quickly grew, not just in Ireland and Great Britain, but throughout Europe and the rest of the world. A regular at trade fairs in France, Italy and America, John’s skill sourcing unique textures and colours from the natural world around him, and adding novel finishes meant that top fashion and interior design houses quickly favoured JE linen fabrics UK, a legacy that continues to this day.

Significant and continued business success meant that the company relocated from Charles Street South in 1988 to larger premises and then again in 1998 to a purpose-built building, one which overlooked the historic Titanic dock, just five minutes from Belfast City Airport.

In 2012 the John England brand joined the Franklins Group and moved some 25 miles south to the historic Irish linen town of Banbridge.

Over the years John carefully built a knowledgeable and creative team around him and their experience has been passed on, and added to, by those running the business today. With years of experience in the Irish Linen industry, it is this small but fiercely loyal group who are driving the company to even greater heights of innovation and customer care. This year John England will be featuring In Decorex’s annual exhibition and showcase which will be held virtually this year given the covid-19 pandemic.

High Quality Linen

With 60 years of supplying top quality linen fabrics the John England brand is recognised in the industry for excellent quality, design, innovation, and service. John England Showroom As a weaver of plain and Jacquard fabrics John England has full control of the designs, texture, and finish of our customers fabrics. John England is especially well known for its washed linen fabrics, in the soft local mountain waters. Consistently chosen by some of the world’s leading fashion brands, John England’s Irish linen design team continues to innovate year upon year. Working in close collaboration with fashion buyers, our designers predict and lead trends with the birth of each year’s collection. Be it the texture, finish, weave or our colour combinations, our new qualities are always much anticipated and complimented upon. As with the release of all our new apparel collections, we also offer the benefits of low minimum orders and a fully stock-supported service for sampling. We use only the finest European yarns and can use our Irish Linen heritage with sewn-in labels of authenticity should it be needed.  
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Quick Turnaround Times

As designers and weavers one of John England’s main strengths is the ability to turn round customers own designs in short lead times. 

John England also hold stock of on trend coloured plain linen fabrics

There is nothing John England would like better than to have zero lead time for stock fabrics. However, there is often a waiting time because we have lots of other orders in the pipeline. It is not a case of just lifting the linen off the shelf. In most cases it requires cutting and examination, washing and packing. 

If you are prepared to take directly from stock whatever is on the roll; without washing. This is the easiest way for us to speed up your order. 

When we take the fabric out of stock to examine, before preparing the order, we may not be happy with the quality. We will not intentionally ship inferior products. 

John England assures all customers that we will do our best to get your order out as soon as possible. However, we always try to ship first to those customers who have the orders in first, and we like to take care with every order. 

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Why Use john england?

John England is a linen fabric weaver in N. Ireland. Although we supply customers worldwide the company is in an ideal position to serve our customers both in the UK and Ireland with a local service, short supply lines and easy communication. 

Customers buy from John England not just because they know we have experience dealing with top designers, but more practically because of our unique designs and colours, and the ability to turn customers designs into fabrics in a short lead time and realistic low minimums. 

Which allows minimal stock holding and risk. As well as this all our fabrics are made as ethically and sustainably as possible.