Price breaks – for customer convenience?

Price breaks are offered by John England for customer convenience. Try it and see first.

Please remember John England are designers and manufacturers, not just wholesalers.

To achieve our best economies of scale in weaving we need orders to be over 250 metres (275 yards) in length. Savings we make on orders over 250 metres allow us to be much more efficient. We can pass much of these savings on to our customers to help us be more competitive.

Orders for a fabric under 250 metres (275 yards) length is considered a small order.

If you want the best prices please try to keep orders above 250 metres. Remember cutting to exact lengths costs extra, and leaves us with wasted short lengths. You can save if you say you will take full rolls. This avoids cutting, secondary rolling costs, and leaving us with off-cuts.

John England do understand that not all our customers require this length of fabric so to help we do have price breaks for quantities under 250 metres in length.

Under 250 metres we have various price breaks. The next best prices are lengths 150m-250m, 100m-149m, 50m-99m, 13m-49m, 6m-12m. Our minimum order is 6 metres.

For orders over 250 metres we will give you a special quote every time. Some parts of the year we are less busy than others and if you allow us to weave your order then we will quote our best possible prices.

There is not much savings to be made after 1000m.