Wholesale Linens from John England

John England is exclusively a wholesale supplier. They do not sell to the general public.

The company offers wholesale prices to retailers. Also, to fashion designers and apparel manufacturers, as well as interior designers, home furnishing manufacturers, film and theatre companies, etc. John England supplies fabrics for a wide range of end uses.

When you buy from John England you are buying direct from the manufacturer, not simply from a wholesaler.

You can buy from a collection of stock fabrics with a unique range of on-trend colours. Also, as John England is a manufacturer there is a lot more choice if you require unique custom-made products, colours, or designs.

John England also has its own laundry so can offer all fabrics with a washed, pre-shrunk and softened finish. This is a service which seems to be of particular interest to many of our customers. Most of John England fabrics can be bought loom-state, scoured and dyed/whitened and finished, or wash finished.

Order Wholesale Irish Linen

To justify the lower wholesale prices it is usually expected that business customers buy larger amounts from us. If not in each purchase; over the period of a year. Few manufacturers survive by offering wholesale prices for retail quantities.

To achieve our best economies of scale in manufacturing we need orders to be over 250 metres (275 yards) in length. Savings we make on orders over 250 metres allow us to be much more competitive and we can pass much of these savings on to our customers. Orders for a fabric under 250 metres (275 yards) length is considered a small order, so if you want the best prices please try to keep orders above 250 metres.

Remember cutting to exact lengths costs extra, so you can save if you say you will take full rolls, thus avoiding cutting and secondary rolling costs. John England do understand that not all our customers require a full roll, instead want exact lengths of fabric for a specific job, so to help we do have price breaks for quantities under 250 metres in length. Under 250 metres we have various price breaks. The next best prices are lengths 150m-250m, 100m-149m, 50m-99m, 13m-49m, 6m-12m.

Minimum Orders Size

The minimum order for any one colour of our stock plain fabrics is 6 metres, and our minimum wholesale order value is £200.  It may take at least two 6 metre lengths to cover the minimum order value.

For our textured or Jacquard woven fabrics the minimum order size is 12 metres.

Offering fabrics with on-trend colours in shorter lengths, at realistic prices, is one of John England’s unique services.

The best way to get John England linens at the best prices is to buy any one item in quantities greater than 250 metres. Fragmented orders do not allow the company to gain the best efficiencies through quantity.

How to Order?