John England launch new website June 2016

As an aid to our customers, and to better promote the company, John England launched a new website in June, 2016.

We hope not just customers, but anyone interested in our fabrics finds the new and additional information useful. It is hoped that the new website will act both as a method of contacting John England, and as a resource to inform you as to what we can do to help. Please also pay attention to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section as this shows responses to questions customers most often ask.

John England can provide you with more than a stock collection of linens in our own unique contemporary colours, or dye short runs in your own custom colours. As weavers we can also weave you fabrics showing your own designs. We weave using many different fibre yarns, but mainly linen, cotton, wool and polyester.

All our designs woven on Jacquard looms are totally unique trend setting designs, and cannot be bought elsewhere. We do not stand still and constantly produce new creations often inspired by things we see in the world around us, and we find it is often very interesting for customers to hear the story behind each design.

The John England brand is synonymous throughout the world for superbly designed and crafted linens, that are effortlessly on-trend. As you’d expect, with such a long history and impeccable lineage in the industry we are proud members of both Masters of Linen and the Irish Linen Guild.

John England Theatrical Linens is a division of John England that focuses on selling fabrics to the theatre, film and TV industries (please click here for more info). John England has been the supplier of preference for costume and set design linens for a number of years. We specialize in the supply of linens to film productions.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact facility.